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Zon Noret (d. 177 BG) was a Ginaz swordmaster and father of 15 children, including the famed Jool Noret. A veteran mercenary, with sinew body over hard bones, with long yellow-grey hair. Despite the Ginaz culture that discouraged parents having close contact with their (numerous) offspring, Zon was an exception, especially noticing Jool's talent and skill, viewing him as his 'successor'

Zon achieved the highest accolades among the mercenaries and offered a position in the Council of Veterans.

He battled on the front lines in the Battle of Peridot Colony, he had been burned and injured on board a besieged machine ship after which he recuperated and retrained on Ginaz, and later in the Battle of IV Anbus; in the same year, he died fighting Chirox because his son had forgotten to remove a program that allowed Chirox to fight as well as his opponent, which was set to his son's level (greater than his own).


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