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Zarv (d. after 12 BG), was a man from Tupile.

When the commander Jasta Mason considered to join powers with House Corrino, Zarv was sent as an agent to the Imperial Governor of Deneb to discreetly feel out response to the Guild's proposal. Zarv unknown to himself went through a mental conditioning that would cease his life before revealing anything of harm to the Spacing Guild.

When he met the Governor, Zarv offered the possibility of the return of interstellar travel and suggested the governor contact his superiors so a meeting could be arranged with his principals.

The governor, in a fit of ravening greed, promptly subjected Zarv to interrogatory techniques available to him in an effort to seize this plum for himself. Zarv however had never even seen a member of the Guild and the governor kept pressing his questions until the conditioning set off and Zarv died.



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