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Yiam-el-Din: The Book of Judgment, is an apocryphal book that cites traditions among the Qizarate/DE.

It was translated by D. D. Shuurd, and published in Arrakis Studies 43 by Grumman: United Worlds.

One excerpt regarding the building of Paul's Keep/DE:

"And it came to pass when the time was ripe for building that Muad'Dib surveyed the battle plain where the Sardaukar/DE legions were obliterated; and he measured the battle plain with a rule. "Here will I build my palace on the place of chaos and death," he declared. "And the name of the palace shall be Paul's Keep and it shall be a great citadel, a sietch/DE above the sand to dwarf all other Imperial monuments. And beside it will I build Alia's Temple, and pilgrims will come from all over the universe to worship there. And I will build my city in seven weeks, according to the plan of the ancient scriptures. So will I be known to future ages as the Dune Messiah, the Mahdi, who will lead his people to Paradise." And it was done as he had said."

The Qizarate believed that the "ancient scriptures" referred to are to be found in the OCB, Prophets LXXXIX, 24-26. It concerns the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the coming and cutting off of the Messiah. 3 groups of weeks are given, 70, 7 and 62 and the OCB Commentaries, suggests a substitution of years for the stated weeks.

The Qizarate believes that according to Paul's plan, the period of 70 weeks was the time granted to the Fremen for completing their conquest of the Sardaukar); the period of 7 weeks (which was not continuous to the former) refers to the building of the Paul's Keep/DE, a symbolic re-enactment of the days of Genesis; the period of 62 weeks is the cutting off of the Mahdi.[1]

References and notesEdit

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