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This article or section refers to elements that appear exclusively in The Dune Encyclopedia.

White holes are known to power all galaxies[1]. The vast outpouring of mass and energy replenishes the energy and mass reserves of the galaxy.

Where this mass and energy originates has not been established with any certainty, but there is considerable support for the Arrakian theory that mass and energy (i.e., photons) are drawn into a gravitational singularity, or black hole, in an alternate universe and enter this universe by way of an inverse gravitation singularity, or white hole.

Clearly, the physics of such objects and the resulting spatial and temporal distortions of dimensional space are indeed bizarre.

  1. This refers of course to the Dune universe as set out by the Dune Encyclopedia; in real life this has not been proven


  • ARRAKIS, Astronomical aspects of

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