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This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

An Unaligned planet was a world during the Butlerian Jihad that was aligned neither with the League of Nobles nor the thinking machines.

The term was used commonly within the League, though rarely (if at all) by the empire of Omnius.

Reasons for Unaligned Status Edit

On a general level, unaligned planets were often unaligned because they chose to be. However, there were also five categories into which such worlds fell. Some world's fell into multiple categories:

  • They were strategically insignificant;
  • They yielded few economic, material, or human resources;
  • They had very low human populations;
  • They were the domain of pacifist Budislamics;
  • They harbored a human civilization that was isolationist or insular.

Unallied planets were often raided by slavers.

List of Unaligned Planets Edit


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