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Mixed Canonicity: This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

Uliet (d. 10153 AG) (translation: older Liet) was a man of middle years and craggy features, an accomplished worm rider and one of the greatest fighters among the Fremen of Red Wall Sietch, proven many times in battle against the Harkonnens.

When the Council of Elders decided to have Pardot Kynes sacrificed, naib Heinar gave him a crysknife poisoned with the Water of Life.

He approached his victim accompanied by two watermen who would collect his blood and water after his death. As Kynes was explaining his vision to the Fremen he approached Kynes, who, oblivious to his fate, told him "Remove yourself". Uliet realising Kynes' visions, did not wish to be remembered as a destroyer of dreams.

Kynes' sermon affected Uliet's mind, and started to believe that he is a messenger from God, but he knew that he could not abandon his mission; the blessed crysknife should not be scathed back before tasting blood. So he fell on it. Uliet took his own life instead of Kynes', and the watermen took his body instead to the deathstill. Seeing this event, the Fremen who listened to Kynes called him Umma.

The shade of Uliet was advanced to the sadus, the throne of heavenly judges.


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