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Tleilax (also known as Tleilaxa) is the sole planet in the Thalim star system, and was home to the Bene Tleilax - a society of genetically altered highly religious and xenophobic humans.

Millennia later, the planet was called Tleilax and was known primarily for two things; Tleilax was the location of a renegade training center for Mentats, and was noted as the source of Twisted mentats. Tleilax was also the home of the Tleilaxu, a race of humans composed of genetic scientists and Face Dancers.

Environment Edit

Environmentally Tleilax was a beautiful Earth-like world, with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. It contained many areas of manicured terrain and vegetation.

It was home to several conurbations, chiefly the Tleilaxu holy city of Bandalong, which was reserved exclusively for Tleilaxu natives. Scattered in and around the urban areas were large light industrial facilities which were used for the production of biological components and lifeforms, including Face Dancers and Gholas.

Biology Edit

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