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This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

ThurrOm was the name given by Erasmus to the Omnius gelsphere copy brought to Corrin from Wallach IX by Yorek Thurr during the Great Purge.

In order to keep his devious activities secret, this incarnation of Omnius had been tampered with by Thurr while on Wallach IX.

Omnius was reluctant to be updated with these last two gelspheres (the other being SeurOm), fearing that they would be corrupted by some virus, like the one programmed by Vorian Atreides years ago.

ThurrOm eventually helped Thurr with his escape from Corrin during the blockade. He calculated the ideal instant for an attack that would breach the defenses, during which Thurr escaped back to human space.

ThurrOm advocated sending their entire machine fleet against the guardian human ships. He wanted to accept overwhelming losses and hope that some part of the machine battle fleet survived. If they failed, however, then the human ships could bombard all the planet with their pulse-atomic warheads. ThurrOm admitted that this could be a problem.

The independent robot Erasmus gave the name "ThurrOm" to tell the difference between that copy and the other copy, "SeurOm", on Corrin.


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