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The Nerus-Mohiam Controversy is a book by Gwilit Mignail which discusses whether Tanidia Nerus was Gaius Helen Mohiam. It was published by Yorba: Rose.

He says that Leto II Atreides deliberately put forth the Nerus name and not her real identity for two reasons:

  1. He may have wanted to keep the identity of Jessica's real mother from her, fearing that knowledge of Gaius Helen Mohiam's maternal relationship might have been too much: it was the woman who had given her son the test of the gom jabbar, had become the Corrino Truthsayer, acted in loco matris to her, and had conspired against Paul in the name of the Sisterhood.
  2. Leto himself might not have been able to face his partial Harkonnen and partlial Bene Gesserit ("witch") heritage. His very youth (he was 9 years old) may have forced him to lie to himself and to his grandmother Jessica.



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