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The Great Cryptogram (RRC 31-BL9O4) was a book by Izhnaikas Bauf written in 10647 AG which claimed that the plays of Harq al-Harba were written by Farad'n Corrino. Bauf provided as evidence what he called Plowing Cipher in the play Carthage (ACT III, Scene ii lines 235-47).

He added

"One could scarcely fail to note — indeed it must seize the most casual observer — that not only has the name been spelt out, but that three words are used twice: and that when those words are extracted from the cipher (as these hundreds of years past their author had intended that they be) they form the message 'recognize — not — our.' We cannot choose but be impressed with the clarity and force with which al-Ada speaks to us over the centuries, telling us that we will recognize that these plays are not the work of the besotted salesman"
(p. 248)

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