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A collection of legends of pre-Butlerian times writen by Tovat Gwinsted in 9222 AG.

It was translated on Arrakis/DE in 10295 AG and was used by Harq al-Harba for his work Carthage.[1]

Compare a passage from the Chronicles:

"In this he had a better teacher, Assur-nasir-apli, cruelest of the cruel, who slew his father to take possession of the throne."

with a passage of al-Harba's Carthage:

"Make way for a better instructor —
Assur-nasir-apli, cruelest of the cruel,
Whose reign began with patricide.
―(III, ii, 125-27)

It seems to have been also the source of one of Leto II/DE's Stolen Journals/DE:

"Our ancestor, Assur-nasir-apli, who was known as the cruelest of the cruel, seized the throne by slaying his own father and starting the reign of the sword."
―RCC 31-A125

References and notesEdit

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