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Terkillian Sor was the Baron of IV Anbus during the later Corrino Empire in 10,156 AG during Duke Leto Atreides I Trial by Forfeiture.

Duke Leto's TrialEdit

It had been believed that the newly ascended Duke had ordered his Atreides vessel to fire upon a Bene Tleilax ship inside of a Guild heighliner. In actuality, House Harkonnen had fired the two blasts from their secret no-ship, and destroyed the Tleilaxu craft.

Immediately, most of the spacecraft that witnessed the horrifying event assumed the offending shots had come from House Atreides, since the invisible Harkonnen craft had fired from just under the Atreides space-faring vessel. Within minutes Leto had to turn on his ship's shields, to avoid being fired upon from the other Great Housess starships. Soon afterwards, the guiding Navigator of the heighliner demanded to know why the shield was on, as it was interfering with the Guild-crafts' Holtzman engine. Leto explained the situation, and demanded a full Trial by Forfetiure.

Once Leto and House Atreides Security Chief Thufir Hawat arrived on Kaitain, Leto acquired defense counsel, and waited for the Trial. A few weeks later, when the Landsraad Trial convened, it was headed up by Lord Bain O'Garee of the planet Hagal. Also on the tribunal was Sor, Duke Prad Vidal of Ecaz, Count Anton Miche, and Rincon of House Fazeel. When Leto spoke of each of the men, Leto's counsel talked of their possible willingness to be bribed, including Sor, which saddened Leto, as he thought of the declining standards of the Imperium.

As the Trial progressed, Leto was unable to prove that his ship had not fired the shots upon the Tleilaxu vessel. Just as the O'Garee conferred with Sor and the other noblemen, and was ready to pronounce sentence upon the teenage Duke, his distaff cousin Crown Prince Shaddam Corrino IV strode into the Landsraad Chamber. Shaddam not only spoke a hearty defense of Leto, but of the thousands of years lineage of goodness of House Atreides. He talked of how both of the Tleilaxu starships could have been destroyed by debris, and at the end of the speech, he gave Leto a token of affection, the Corrino heirloom, the Emperor's Blade. Shaddam then demanded that the Trial end with Leto's acquittal, over the vehement protests of the Tleilaxu. O'Garee and the rest of the tribunal wished to be on the future Emperor's "good side", and promptly released Leto, and proclaimed him innocent.

Nothing else is known of the career or life of Terkillian Sor.

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