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Original Dune
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Suipol was a Bene Gesserit Acolyte who played an important role during the moments prior to the Battle of Gammu, which decisively assured the Bene Gesserit victory over the Honored Matres.

When Mother Superior Darwi Odrade decided to make the figure of surrendering to the Honored Matres' forces, she asked Suipol to dialogue with the Honored Matres in order to pass to the Great Honored Matre Dama's headquarters in Planet Junction, in order to distract the whores' troops from the surprise attack of Miles Teg to the Honored Matres' stronghold at Gammu. Odrade described Suipol as a "dark little thing with a round, calm face and manners to match. Not one of our brightest but guaranteed efficient." However, after interacting with Suipol, Odrade recognized that she was more capable than anticipated and that she was ready to undertake the Spice agony become a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother. Suipol was slain by the Honored Matres along with Dortujla, the commander of the Bene Gesserit Keep at Buzzell, and Tamalane, one of Odrade's advisors and ancient Mother Commander of the Bene Gesserit Embassy of Rakis. Odrade felt upset at Suipol's death, lamenting the fact that the talented acolyte wasn't able to share her memories with another sister.

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