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Mixed Canonicity: This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

A Guildship as depicted in the Dune Miniseries of 2000

A starship was a space-faring vessel capable of travelling between star systems. They typically travelled close to light speed, or used the Holtzman Effect to realize faster-than-light travel.

Starships were essential to humankind's colonization of the known universe, and were critical to intergalactic transportation and communications for many millennia.

Types of Starship Edit

Famous Individual StarshipsEdit

Expanded DuneEdit

  • Combat Ships
    • Ballistas
    • Blockade runner
    • Bomber
    • Capital ships
      • Command ships
    • Corvette
    • Cruisers
      • Battle Cruiser
      • Interplanetary Cruiser class three
      • Midsized cruisers
    • Destroyers
    • Escort ships
    • Fighter Craft
    • Gunship
    • Lumbering Battleships
    • Marauder
  • Reconnaissance
    • Spacing Guild reconnaissance ship
    • Patrol craft
      • Patrol Scout
  • Transport Craft
    • Cargo-ships
      • Cargo Hauler
      • Frigate Types
        • Brat
        • Steamship
        • Torch
      • Heighliner Types
        • Dominic Class vessel
    • Landing Craft
      • Shuttle Types
        • Cannonball Shuttle
        • Large shuttles (for cargo and equipment)
        • small passenger shuttle
        • Tleilaxu shuttle
  • Machine Ships
    • Cymek Star Voyager Craft
    • Suicidal Robot Ships
    • Update ships


  • HuMed medical ships
  • trans-light portal ion ships

Famous Individual StarshipsEdit

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