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Original Dune
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Sietch Jacurutu was a legendary sietch located in the deep desert of Arrakis. For many years the Fremen thought Jacurutu was a myth, and little was remembered of its origin. It was rumored that its people had been cast out from Fremen society for stealing water.

Origins Edit

Long before the arrival of House Atreides on Arrakis, a group of renegade Fremen based in Jacurutu caused havoc on the arid planet by killing other Fremen for the water contained in their bodies.

The other tribes called the group Iduali, meaning "water insects", and banded together to wipe out Sietch Jacurutu. The name Jacurutu became taboo after the massacre. No Fremen could search for it.

The surviving Iduali rebuilt Sietch Jacurutu and named it Fondak.

Discovery by Leto Atreides II Edit

During the rule of Alia Atreides, Leto Atreides II faked his own death and set off to discover the secrets of Jacurutu. Upon discovering the location, he was captured by Gurney Halleck under Jessica's orders. Gurney believed he was testing Leto for signs of abomination, however, the true motives behind his orders are up for debate. During the testing, Leto took a frempack and escaped into a sandstorm, unaware that his heel pumps had been cut.

After escaping from Jacurutu and then Shuloch, Leto used the resources of the Cast-Out to lay the foundations of his Golden Path.

Fate and Legacy Edit

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