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The Second Golden Age (1800 BG - 400 BG) was a glorious but obscure period of human history which followed the Second Reunification. During that time, perhaps humanity prospered united under a common empire.

Not much is known from that period, except that Zensunni broke away from the religion of Maometh and started their planetary migrations.

Around 711 BG one Dulden founded Humanity First which brought tensions for the next 500 years. Also, the legend of Ampoliros is placed in that period (480 BG).

It's not known what ended the Golden Age, nor what period immediately followed it. The Butlerian Jihad 2 centuries later, marked the following generations.


Preceded by
Little Dark Ages
Events and Periods of History
1800 BG - 400 BG
Succeeded by
Eventually the Butlerian Jihad

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