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For Mentats Rhajia was a dysfunction state. It was the total immersion of the Mentat in the inferential consciousness. Only 30% of those who entered it re-awakened; the rest became comatose and died.

Survivors reported either no memories whatsoever or the most richly satisfying intellectual experience of their lives and considered to be the song of the sirens. Rumor had it that older Mentats near death would seek rhajia as the most pleasant passing a human could be blessed with.

Even Gilbertus Albans and Grodon Orpar Playt III, although usually like minded, disagreed on its nature. Playt called it the Movement of Infinity, and regarded it as the final stage of the Order, a breaking of the chains of servitude to practicality. On the other hand, Albans thought Rhajia a death trap.

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