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Mixed Canonicity: This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

Rebecca is a "wild" Reverend Mother discovered by Lucilla fleeing the destruction of the planet Lampadas by the Honored Matres (and carrying the priceless shared-minds of all the planet's Reverend Mothers), is forced to land on Gammu. Once there she seeks out the hidden Jews, whom she knows will give her sanctuary. They are obligated to turn her over to the Honored Matres for their own survival, but before they do, Lucilla shares minds with Rebecca, transferring the knowledge of the "Lampadas horde."

Rebecca and the Jews eventually escape Gammu with the Bene Gesserit forces, and Rebecca is able to pass on the 7,622,014 Lampadas shared-minds to the Sisterhood.


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