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Imperial Crown Prince Raphael Corrino I was the son of Padishah Emperor Idriss Corrino I.


According to most historians, Raphael Corrino I was a brilliant politician and scholar, and to quote Earl Dominic Vernius, "the only good Corrino of them all!" Raphael was also the originator of the term "Law is the ultimate science", the motto of House Corrino.

Raphael was designated the Imperial Crown Prince and heir apparent to the Golden Lion Throne. But when Indriss died following an assassination attempt, Raphael refused to become Padishah Emperor, claiming he was not worthy of the throne.

Instead, he seated himself upon a smaller throne beside his father's old throne, and took defacto rule of the Imperium under his existing title of Crown Prince. However, his wife, Herade used the title of the Padishah Empress of the Known Universe.

Legacy Edit

Raphael endured through history as a benevolent, humble and capable ruler, and many years after his death was the subject of the play My Father's Shadow.

In many ways Raphael was seen as the anti-thesis of Elrood Corrino IX and particularly his son Shaddam Corrino IV, who craved the Imperial throne so fervently he assassinated his own father and older half-brother Fafnir.


Preceded by
Idriss Corrino I
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Vutier Corrino II

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