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Rafel [d. 174 BG) was a slave born on Poritrin.

After Chamal, the daughter of Ishmael was separated by her family, she met Rafel and were married. This marriage caused the administrators to lose track of her heritage, and by pure chance, the couple went as well to work for Norma Cenva, where Ishmael, (punished to be far from his family) was working.

Rafel met his father-in-law and listened to the Koran Sutras he often recited at nights. He then played an essential role to Ishmael's plans of escape. Cenva's work had been closed, while Aliid and other Zenshiites were ready to begin his bloody rebellion; the Zensunni slaves that gathered all the equipment of the defunct laboratory for Tuk Keedair, intended to escape with the experimental space folding spaceship.

Keedair was ambushed and Rafel seized Tuk Keedair, the former flesh merchant. They forced him to guide the space folding ship and lead them to safety, however the only coordinations Keedair had memorized were of a planet he frequently visited recently: Arrakis.

About a hundred Zensunnis arrived to the deserted planet and realized they were alone and hopeless on an endless desert. Rafel with another slave, Ingu, forced Keedair to 'guide' them with a small flyer they found in the ship's bays. In his desperation and hate to the former flesh merchant, he let them go and get lost in the desert; at dusk, he and Ingu decided to encamp there.

Seeing that the flyer had a Holtzman shield generator, he thought safer to energize it to protect them from any nighttime predators. The field however only summoned sandworms, who devoured both of them.


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