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Projectile weapons, using ammunition of miniaturized poisoned needles, bolts and darts, were part of the standard armament of the House Troopers and other military forces of the Imperium. The technical revolution caused by the introduction of the Holtzman Shield had made projectile weapons largely obsolete, but were still favoured by soldiers over the more dangerous and less reliable Lasgun. Automated heavy projectile weaponry continued to be installed on military Groundcars, Thopters, Flyers and even Spacecrafts.

Known types of Projectile WeaponsEdit

Extended UniverseEdit

  • Boltgun
    • Disruptor Gun
    • Riveting Gun
  • Bow
    • Crossbow
  • Cellguns
  • Chandler pistols
  • Disk guns
  • double barred cannon
  • Farzee rifle
  • Flechette pistol
  • Heavy weapon
    • Projectile Launcher
      • Large Projectile Launcher
        • Heavy Launcher
        • Kinetic Launcher
        • Artillery Gun
        • Artillery Launcher
          • Siege Machines
            • heavy siege cannon
        • Weapon Turret
          • Surface-to-Air 'Guns
      • Shoulder Mounted Launcher
        • Explosive Projectiles
          • Rocket Launcher
          • Torpedo Launcher
        • High Pulse-Projectile launcher
          • Multiple Pulse-projectile launcher
  • light mounted cannon
  • machine guns
  • Needlegun
    • Stun Gun
  • pulse cartridge gun
  • robotic guns
  • sniper rifles
  • Stun-ball
  • Stun projector
  • Torpedos


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