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Siridar-Duke Paulos XVI Atreides was the head of House Atreides in 8677 AG. He was the father of Kallistos III Atreides.

He moved his entire family from Gallatin to Caladan granted to the House by Emperor Elrood VIII.

Paulos sold many of his other estates, completed Castle Caladan in 8722 AG and established his Cousines on nearby planets and systems.

Behind the scenesEdit

The relationship between Paulos and his concurrent Wesle Atreides who both are said to move to Caladan is not defined.

It's possible that Paulos and Wesle are the same person, but the editors of the Encyclopedia failed to keep a common consistency with his name.

Preceded by
Siridar-Duke of Caladan
8711 AG - 8749 AG
Succeeded by
Kallistos III Atreides

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