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The Padishahzadi is traditionally was a highest-ranking title given to a Crown Princess of the Imperial bloodline in the Landsraad. It originates from (Crown Prince/Crown Princess, literally born by Padishah Emperor), and is still used in House Corrino. It is also a surname.

The Ladies Who Were Once Padishahzadis Edit

  • Irulan Corrino*- The eldest Imperial Crown Princess of the Old Galactic Padishah Empire who was trained by her tutors to becom an efficient Sovereign Co-regent of the Imperial House Corrino.
  • Ghanima Atreides- The daughter of the 82nd Padishah Emperor Paul Atreides and his beloved wife, the late Padishah Empress Chani Kynes-Atreides who became the Imperial Consort of her older twin-brother, Crown Prince Leto Atreides III.

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