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Commander Otto Aramsham, as depicted in the Dune Trading Card Game.

Otto Aramsham is a Sardaukar Captain discredited in the Arrakis Revolt of 10193 AG. Having infiltrated Gurney Halleck's crew of spice smugglers, he and his patrol failed to assassinate Paul Atreides when Paul and Gurney were reunited.

He was held captive by Paul and his Fremen, and was later used as an Atreides messenger to House Corrino. He was returned to Salusa Secundus in disgrace for failing his mission, and allowing himself to be captured.

He became obsessed with his failure and with his cowardly refusal to commit suicide when captured by the Fremen. His guilt led to his authorship of The Sardaukar Strike (Salusa Secundus: Ogden) a manic and highly jingoistic history of the soldier-fanatics.

More significantly, he founded an extremist group of disenchanted Sardaukar, known as the "Final Force", which advocated a return to the spartan regimen of past glories.

Aramsham died a bitter man, feeling that he had never atoned for his sin. The circumstances of his death are uncertain, but one record indicates he committed ritual suicide. A less acceptable account indicates in 10196 AG he attacked Count and Lady Fenring as they returned from Rakis with the deposed Shaddam IV and died from his wounds. However, the time involved make his death at such an early date unlikely.

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