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Osafa Chram was a Bene Gesserit sister who attempted to assassinate New Sisterhood Mother Commander Murbella at a planet-wide conference called during the advent of Kralizec.

As it became apparent that the great Outside Enemy that human-kind was squaring off against was of utmost power, Murbella decided to call all active Sisterhood personnel to a large conference at the Chapterhouse Keep. As the sisters assembled in their seats, the last one roaming the aisleways to find a seat was Chram. As Murbella began to confront her for her tardiness, Osafa brandished a Crysknife, and lunged at Murbella. Murbella deftly moved out of the way, and came up swinging with a counter-attack that broke Chram's arm, then her larynx.

As Chram struggled to voice her prophecy against Murbella, she promised that more former Gesserit sisters would attempt to kill Murbella saying, "I am your future...One of us will get you."

As Murbella's aide, Bellonda, attempted to share with Chram to find out the extent of the conspiracy, Osafa purposefully shut down her mind, disallowing her thoughts to be duplicated. It was found out seconds later that Chram had imbibed shere, and that not even an Ixian mind probe could help learn Chram's thoughts.

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