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This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

Orak Tho was a Handler who lived on the Planet of the Handlers, when the world was visited by the no-ship, the Ithaca.

Orak was Chief Handler of the District on the planet visited by the Ithaca nineteen years after the vessel escaped from Chapterhouse. He greeted the landing party that came from the starship, and quickly realized that they had futars with them, and invited the group to a hunt of Honored Matres. After Sheeana accepted, Orak separated the group into two parties, and led them to two separate observation towers. Sheeana Brugh and the ghola of Miles Teg were in one tower, and the Jewish rabbi and the ghola of Thufir Hawat were in the other tower.

As the hunt progressed, most of the Matres were killed by Hrrm, his clan, and the planet-bred futars. But as the last Matres went down fighting, the Handler that she killed, reverted to the form of an Enhanced Face Dancer. Panicking, "Orak" revealed that he too was a Dancer, as well as all of the Handlers that had accompanied the Ithaca party.

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