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Dune computer game
This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games.

OpenDUNE is a source code reconstruction (described as an "open source re-creation", officially) of Dune II that can run natively on modern systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS). It was created by reverse engineering the original Dune II game executable, making it functionally completely identical to the original game.

The project started in 2009 and reached version 0.7 in 2011. As of 2014, development seems to have stopped, but the game is fully functional.

It requires the .PAK files from the original game, and uses the same graphics and sounds. You need to own the original game separately, so there is no copyright violation.

OpenDUNE's aim was to allow playing the original game on modern OSes without emulator, and allow programmers to build on the engine. However, the OpenDune project itself added no updates besides some minor bug fixes.

The Dune Dynasty project expanded on the OpenDUNE code to implement features like multi-unit select, build queueing, construction sidebars, and much more.

Official siteEdit

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