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Nar Trig [d. 88 BG] was a swordmaster and follower of Jool Noret's school. Trig was squat and swarthy, with dark hair, broad shoulders, and powerful muscles.

Trig was a descendant of human settlers who had fled Peridot Colony when it was overrun by thinking machines. His parents were among the settlers who attempted to rebuild the colony, but Nar guided by his hatred for thinking machines, went as a trainee to Ginaz.

He was friend and sparring partner with Istian Goss.

With Goss, they were assigned first to visit Honru and assist to the rebuilding process. While stationed there, three combat robots broke free from a thinking machine facility, and the two swordmasters disabled them, to be then followed by Martyrists who obliterated their remnants.

In the months since leaving Honru, with the Army of the Jihad, they had surrounded and boarded two giant Omnius battleships, which they then seized and converted for human use. They were planned to other military strikes but the Omnius Scourge had killed so many soldiers that forced the cancellation of them.

The pair of mercenaries therefore spent most of their time in rescue and recovery operations. On Ix they encountered a mob of Martyrists who salvaged Pulse-swords and other weaponry from the liberation of Ix and the second battle of Ix which they found guided by Saint Serena. They told them they intended to strike Corrin; Nar who view the Mastyrists' fanaticism reasonable, parted ways with the more reluctant Istian.

The following years, his dark hair was shot with lines of gray. His rugged features had been roughened over the years and a long burn made the left side of his face appear smooth and waxy.

Nar eventually was a part of the Cult of Serena. During the following years he remembered his past training with Chirox. He forged a message saking Istian Goss and Chirox to come to Zimia for honors, but the real reason was to destroy the machine. Istian and Chirox were 'welcomed' not by a formal committee but by the angry mob of the Cultists who purged all the city.

Against Istian's complains and calls to reason, Trig asked Chirox to a fight. The sensei mek and the former learner fought together and Nar managed to cut one of his arms. While Chirox initially avoided to harm Trig, eventually he moved his articulated arms in a frantic blur, distracting Trig as he tried to keep up, thrusting and parrying.

With a concerted sweep of two long-bladed arms, instead of trying to stab his attacker or parry his weapons, Chirox swung a powerful lateral blow that struck Trig's thick neck and instantly decapitated him.


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