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Marha was a Zensunni girl who, like Selim, came from Naib Dhartha's tribe on Arrakis.

Marha claimed she was skilled with the knife, killing and injuring two opponents when one tried to rape her in the spaceport; this event marked her with a crescent scar above her eyebrow. Tired from Dhartha's commercial policy about the marketing of melange to off-worlders, she left the tribe in order to seek the legendary Selim Wormrider.

She managed not only to survive 8 days alone, but also to approach the Needle Rock relatively undetected by Selim's men. Marha met Selim and soon after her arrival, she witnessed Biondi's fateful test of wormriding.

Marha was eventually married to Selim and was pregnant to their son, El'hiim when he ordered all the tribe removed from their caves and seek encampment elsewhere. Selim had sensed danger approached, mercenaries hired by VenKee Enterprises to settle the problem of the spice-thieves.

When El'hiim was an infant, he band welcomed new members, Ishmael and other slaves who escaped from Poritrin. Marha as the wife of the former leader and legend was deemed to distant to be chosen a new as a mate. Jafar succeeded Selim as the leader but did not dare to ask her. Eventually Ishmael and Marha felt a mutual attraction and they were joined in marriage.

In the following years Marha died. El'hiim insisted that she would receive treatment from scientists of the Arrakis City, but Ishmael denied to trust the offworlders. Marha had listened to her husband and In El'hiim's view that had led directly to her death.

Marha made Ishmael swear to shelter and advise her son.

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