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Lobia was a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother and Truthsayer, who played an important role during the latter days of the rule of House Corrino.

Truthsayer to the Imperial CourtEdit

Mother Lobia was an intimate friend of Lady Anirul Sadow-Tonkin Corrino, the Bene Gesserit consort to the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, as well as the Kwisatz Mother of the Sisterhood's Breeding program. Lobia was the Imperial Truthsayer, and, according to Anirul, she was the best Truthsayer the Empire ever seen, due to her powers to recognize truth in the most insignificant details.

Lobia in Other MemoryEdit

The Old Truthsayer's death brought sadness to Lady Anirul, who didn't want to lose her old friend. Because of that, she shared memories with Lobia, and Anirul thought Lobia will communicate with her easily through the Other Memory. However, Lobia never appeared, and Anirul, feeling alone and confused, decided to go deep in her Other Memories looking for Lobia. Instead of bringing the Old Reverend Mother's conscience, she opened all her memories, falling in an state of madness and instability. Few times could Lobia's voice emerge from the voices of other deceased Reverend Mothers, as Inner Lobia struggled to help Anirul to control them.

When Piter de Vries kidnapped the baby Paul Atreides, Lady Anirul found the Harkonnen Mentat and recognized him. She fought against the mentat and defeated him, and put a Gom Jabbar around his neck. However, in a moment when the Other Memories started talking to Anirul about the baby, and the Bene Gesserit plan, she was distracted and De Vries stabbed her three times, wounding her mortally.

In her last moments, Lady Anirul heard all the voices like a chorus, and Lobia was with them. Despite the fact that Paul Atreides should have been a baby girl instead of a boy, breaking the line of the Breeding Program, Anirul realized that the baby would be an important person in the future, maybe even the Kwisatz Haderach, who appeared a generation earlier. The last thought of Anirul was that, despite that fact, the Sisterhood would survive. Her thought turned in a fact, as the Bene Gesserit remained for years to come.


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