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Laera was a Reverend Mother of the New Sisterhood who was at the great convocation of the organization's leadership when it was realized by Mother Commander Murbella who was the great Outside Enemy was.


Convocation on ChapterhouseEdit

The leadership convocation was called in the months after the crushing defeat of Hellica and her rebel Honored Matres minions by Murbella on Tleilax. The Matres had first been infiltrated by the co-leaders of the Valkyries, Janess Idaho and Kiria; and then attacked weeks later from above by the superior ship firepower of Bashar Wikki Aztin. Later, ffter Murbella went deep into a Spice Trance; and realized it had been the Honored Matres Lenise years earlier bounding into the Thinking Machine Empire, and the Machines subsequent counter-attack into Scattering worlds; that the Great Enemy was none other than Omnius and his minions.

The Archives Mother Accadia was the main presenter at the gathering at the Chapterhouse Keep, and as she talked about worlds that the Honored Matres had destroyed with Obliterator weapons, the path of destruction by the Matres was revealed in a somewhat small swath of red on a hologram of the Known Universe. Accadia then brought up a much larger swath of blue that pointed towards the heart of the Old Imperium.

Enemy Leads Towards ChapterhouseEdit

Larea then piped up with the question, "the whores did all that?". Accadia answered and announced to all gathered, that the blue swath was from mankind's age-old enemy, the Thinking Machines, and the swath was the direction of the plague the Matres were fleeing from, the genocidal Omnius Scourge. Sadness and shocking astonishment swept through the crowd as the swath led directly to the heart of mankind, Junction and their own homeworld, Chapterhouse.

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