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Kalem Vazz [d. 165 BG] was a man from Caladan in love with Leronica Tergiet, and twice proposed her for marriage, but she denied

When Leronica and other girls got pregnant by Jihadi solders who visited the planet, they sought husbands to help raise them. Leronica accepted Kalem's proposal and he agreed to raise her child as his own. Leronica gave birth to twin boys and named after Kalem's grandparents, Estes and Kagin.

On their first fishing expedition with their father and grandfather, Brom Tergiet, the four stumbled upon a nest of elecrans. Both ships were damaged by the lightnings and were doomed. In a desperate act, Vazz tossed the kids on Brom's ship and requested him to leave, while he approached the elecrans to buy them time. His ship became a fireball when Brom eventually returned to the town with the kids


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