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Kagin Atreides [b. 173 BG] one of the twin sons of Vorian Atreides and Leronica Tergiet. Kagin was quieter and shorter, introspective follower compared to his brother Estes.

He and his brother were grown by their foster father, Kalem Vazz on Caladan, until he was killed by elecrans when they were young.

Vorian tried to return to Leronica and meet the boys better but did not want to spoil their memories by revealing he was their true father, until Kagin discovered it himself by accident. The teen boys were shocked since they preferred the memories with Vazz. Vorian attempted his sons to have good connections, proper schooling but they were still distant to him, although Leronica insisted to take his name.

The two brothers took a regular dose of melange which helped them retain youthful appearances in his sixties, although Vorian still looked like their grandson.

It is possible that they were the originators of the House Atreides on Caladan.


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