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Original Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Original Dune.

An Imperial Legion was a large fighting force, a section of an army. While the soldiers of the Great Houses were called conscripts, the term "Imperial" may only refer to a legion of Sardaukar. A legion contained ten brigades (about 30,000 men).

In the book Edit

  • The Baron Harkonnen brought one legion (ten brigades) of Sardaukar to Arrakis to destroy House Atreides. [The Baron expresses concern that this single legion would be sufficient to overwhelm all of his forces, if they decided to do so.]
  • The Emperor brought five legions of Sardaukar to Arrakis when he attempted to stop Paul and restore spice production.

In the 1984 movie Edit

  • When the Guild Navigator demanded answers from the Emperor, he explained that he promised the Baron five legions of his Sardaukar Terror Troops. Later when confronted by the Guild representatives about the halt of spice production on Dune the Emperor told his generals to send 50 Legions of Sardaukar to Dune, his general responded that included all the reserves.
  • The Baron gloated that the traitor he has for the Atreides would be worth more to them than ten legions of Sardaukar.

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