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Expanded Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

Count Ilban Richese was the head of House Richese, the father of Helena Richese and the grandfather of Duke Leto Atreides.

Ilban married Edwina Corrino in 10090 AG and besides giving birth to Helena in 10095 AG, the couple also had 4 other daughters and 6 sons.

Ilban had a large family and spent more time with his offspring than watching his business interests so his children grew up pampered, and his fortunes diminished. His House was then only a shadow of what it was because House Vernius of Ix trounced them in all-out economic warfare. As a result, he spoke against them in an appeal to the Landsraad, critical to the secrecy of their industries.

His eyes were burned out during a Sardaukar attack on a Richesian moon, and he had artificial Tleilaxu eyes fitted in their place.


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