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The Dune Encyclopedia
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The House of al-Qair was a ruling house named after Bashar Henli I al-Qair.

Henli I replaced Emperor Wallach I presumably because of his blindness. Henli soon encountered a major problem with the Lishash Confederation which he successfully subdued with the help of his Sardaukar. However he was overthrown by Saudir III of the House of Rautha.

Harmon I served as regent to Shaddam I since 549 AG. Eventually various branches of the Imperial House, concerning the sons of Shaddam I, were separated because of several differences, which brought the House of al-Qair back to rule as Regents and Protectors.

He ruled until 556 AG when succeeded by Ezhar I son of Shaddam, with Kalus I al-Qair as Regent. Since 561 AG, Kalus ruled as Protector, forming the first Protectorate of the Empire.

His Protectorship was succeeded by Harmon II al-Qair who denied to step down the throne. Iason Atreides intervened and the House of Alman Corrino with Audrii I was restored to the throne.

The House of al-Qair did not ascent the throne ever since.

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