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House of Feyd was a short-endured ruling house of Padishah Emperors who ascended through usurpation. It was named after Bashar Feyd al-Feyd aka Feyd I from Ibleam III.

He ascended in power in 1027 AG during a rupture within the Sardaukar when Feyd was elected to the Imperial throne after Audrii II, supported by his demicousin Aleksandr IV Harkonnen. He killed all close Imperial relations and suspended the Landsraad. Feyd had Aleksandr executed and put his small son in a foster home, raised without the knowledge of his father's background.

His son, Estil II was a weak and indecisive ruler and his Civil War against those loyal to House Corrino degenerated into stalemate. Estil died of natural causes and his son Feyd II was murdered after two weeks of rule in 1099 AG, ending thus the line of Feyd.

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