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Heavy Troopers as depicted in the Computergame Dune 2

The House Trooper was the common houseguard soldier in the Imperium.Every Major House had it's own army, formally independent from the Emperor's own military forces.

Troop Types Edit

Regular troop types included the common Infantry footman, armored squads, Technicians, personal guard and elite guard (or Pretorians) as well as shock troops and Support Troops.House Harkonnen also deployed specialized Hunters.In the Age of Shield-fighting the infantry were swordmen, armed with blades, and, for support, dartguns or needle projectors.Gunners operated armored groundcars, Cannons, Launchers and large heavy duty Lasguns.

Other Troop Types mentioned:

Common Elements of the House Trooper Uniform Edit

The House Troopers wore a uniform consisting of watchcap, tunic, Jacket, robe, trousers or shorts and boots or a one-piece working uniform in the color of their house or sometimes camouflage.A Trooper would also often wear a com-helmet.Com-helmets could be provided with helmet amplifiers,communicator and night-lenses and emergency transmitter and occasionally with crests, filters, gas masks or visors.Armored Squads could also wear a heavier  Battle garb, Suit of Armor of Alloyglas or metal armor made of Plasteel.

Uniforms of the Empire Edit

Faction Colors Symbol and emblems
House Atreides Black, Green and White

later: Black, Green, White and Gold

Red Hawk, Crossed Swords

later: Moon /Fist

House Corrino Black-grey/Bronze and gold; tan and brown desert camouflage Golden Lion/Lion Claws
House Ginaz Khaki/white Crossed Swords
House Harkonnen Blue/Orange Gryphon/Ram
House Metulli Red, White and Brown Rose
House Moritani White and Blue/Yellow Platinum Horsehead
House Ordos White/Green Crossed Bones and Ivy/Serpent on a Book
House Vernius Silver/White purple-and-copper helix
Bene Gesserit Guard light grey Library Key Symbol/Three Waves
Bene Tleilax Guard White/yellow Scarabaeus
Fish Speakers White/Blue/Black and Gold/ Black and Green Moon and Fist/Red Hawk

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