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House Moritani emerged during the Battle of Corrin, when House Corrino ascended to become the first Padishah Emperor. House Moritani had fully supported the Corrino plans. Sheuset I, acknowledging the Moritani contribution to his cause, granted his Moritani allies a Viscount title and the planetary fief of Grumman. Consequently, House Moritani has remained a loyal ally of the Corrino Empire.[source?]Keshas Zhorzh was an assassin the House employed.

House Moritani had a long-standing feud with House Ginaz. Moritani spoke in the interests of Corrino during the debate over inclusion of Ginaz in the Landsraad, and Moritani that conducted a particularly vicious whispering campaign against Ginaz behind the curtains. Faustino Ginaz is said to have sworn eternal revenge against Yukio Moritani and his heirs over the insult to the House of Ginaz.

The oath eventually led to a War of Assassins (10175 AG-10181 AG). During the war, Moritani was supported by Shaddam IV, who was wary about Duke Leto I Atreides and his his House, an ally of Ginaz.