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Expanded Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

Tercero Hondu Cregh [d. 164 BG) was a Jihadi officer from the colony world of Balut.

Before the Battle of IV Anbus, he was ordered to fortify a Zenshiite village. However, the Zenshiites opposed their occupation and hindered them by giving them poisoned food and sabotaging their weapons.

After the battle, he returned to Balut; however, in 164 BG he witnessed a Tlulaxa slaver assault, which devastated the colony and took the people as slaves and organ donors. He was kept in Bandalong, deprived of several vital organs. However, he heard the visit of his old comrade Xavier Harkonnen, and when one of the other donor bodies died he took his intravenous nutrient and stimulant packs and managed to find Xavier and show him the truth behind the organ farms. After showing Xavier where most of the replacement organs came from, he died.


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