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Hiih Resser was a Moritani Swordmaster trainee, and later Swordmaster.

Rise to Swordmaster Edit

Resser was a trainee Swordmaster when House Moritani renewed aggressions against a rival house. Moritani students were asked to discard their ties to House Moritani as a result. Only Hiih Resser remained with the Swordmasters.

Resser was captured, along with his friend Duncan Idaho, by Trin Kronos and a gang of Moritani soldiers. Of the half dozen Swordmasters captured, only Resser and Idaho escaped. Eventually, they reached land and were pronounced Swordmasters, just in time for a Moritani raid.

Resser fought with Kronos and was nearly killed but for Idaho, who stabbed Kronos from behind.

Later Exploits Edit

Resser returned to Grumman expecting to be killed for his disloyalty, but was kept as a Swordmaster, later participating in a joint attack with House Harkonnen on Caladan. The attack force was rebuffed, and his fate afterwards was unknown.

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