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Dune computer game
This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games.

In Dune 2000 Hayt De Vries was a Mentat in the employ of House Harkonnen who replaced Radnor as Master of Assassins. He was a Ghola of a previous, unnamed Mentat.

In Emperor: Battle for Dune he is replaced by Mentat Yanich Kobal. A deleted clip shows you what fate befell him: a shaved-headed and battered Hayt De Vries being tortured in a pain amplifier chair. The Baron Harkonnen then rips out De Vries' heart-plug with orgasmic sadistic pleasure, sniffing the bouquet of the bloody plug before tasting it. His death is meant to encourage loyalty and success in the new commander.


  • The actor who plays Hayt De Vries (Robert Carin) is made up to look like actor Brad Dourif's portrayal of Piter de Vries in the movie Dune (1984). This could be a reference that Hayt is a ghola of Piter de Vries.
  • The first name Hayt is also an allusion to Hayt, the ghola of Duncan Idaho.

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