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Gunseng Harkonnen (10079 AG10130 AG) was the Siridar Baron of Giedi Prime

He married and Baroness Muertana Sarobella(later known as the "Black Widow"), a dark beauty with the disposition of a scorpion whom Gunseng had married to form an alliance with the then-powerful House Sarobella.

His first son died in infancy. The second, Araskin, was a clubfooted, simple-minded 2-meters tall giant. His third and last son was Vladimir Harkonnen.

Gunseng did not acknowledge Vladimir as his natural son, though he never denied it publicly. Muertana explained to Araskin that his condition was due to the genetic shortcomings of Gunseng, whom she loathed and also reared the ostensible na-Baron herself, poisoning his mind against his father.

Gunseng possessed a keen understanding of political realities, along with the necessary ruthlessness to manipulate them. Each of these qualities was passed on to Vladimir.

Vladimir seemed the answer to his father's dream of improving their House. He saw that his son received training in the martial arts, music, and politics from the best tutors he could afford.

Gunseng's preference for Vladimir cost him his life: at a state banquet, Araskin murdered him and attacked Vladimir, nearly killing him before the mentat Chardin Klees stuck a poisoned needle into Araskin's neck.



Emperor: Battle for DuneEdit

Dune computer game
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Gunseng Harkonnen is the younger son of Baron Rakan Harkonnen. He inherited his father's cleverness, but also his father's temper and sadistic cruelty. He schemes to replace his older brother Copec as na-Baron.

Civil WarEdit

After Rakan dies, there is a civil war between the two brothers. There are two possible futures depicted in the game, depending on how the player chooses.

  • If the player chooses to support Gunseng over Copec, Gunseng becomes the Baron. If House Harkonnen wins the game, Gunseng becomes Padishah Emperor and leads humanity on a path of blood and tears. Copec spends the rest of his miserable existence in a torture chair made to Gunseng's specifications. The player becomes Gunseng's favorite and amasses great wealth.
  • If the player chooses to support Copec, Copec becomes the Baron and Gunseng is tortured to death in the very torture chair he intended for Copec.

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