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This article or section refers to elements from Expanded Dune.

GuildLink was an experimental form of communication used by the Spacing Guild during the later Corrino Empire. Two Guild Navigators would temporarily link their consciousnesses together through foldspace, while each Navigator would separately communicate to the person they were in proximation to in nearby normal space. Thus, two individuals communicate over the vast distance of the galaxy, through a Navigator in a heighliner hovering over their planet, without leaving their home world.

The technique was discovered when Navigator D'murr Pilru communed with his brother, C'tair Pilru, over vast distances using the Ixian device, a Rogo transmitter. Once D'murr reported the communication to the Guild authorities, they expanded upon the occurrence, and introduced GuildLink to the new Corrino Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV. Shaddam used GuildLink to communicate with his cousin, Duke Leto Atreides I in 10,156 AG, about restoring House Vernius to planet Ix, which Shaddam declined to do.

After a few attempts of GuildLink, it was discovered that the two Navigators involved had turned into mental cripples, and GuildLink was promptly discontinued.

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