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The title of the Supreme Padishah Goddess-Empress of the Known Universe associated with the Imperial Crown Princess Ghanima Atreides because it reflects both the status of royalty and grace as the ruler of both the Corrino Empire and the Atreides Empire after their ascension to the Golden Lion Throne at the Arrakeen Palace upon the disastrous death of their late aunt, Alia Atreides.

At the near ending of the Children of Dune novel, she was the only main one here on the planet Arrakis witnessing the formidable prescience powers her elder twin-brother and husband, Crown Prince Leto Atreides II acquired after his transformation to a human-sandworm hybrid.

The title didn't endure well enough after their untimely deaths. During her longest life-time with Leto, their enemies referred to them as the personal attendants of the The Preacher, and it was this title by which the ancient pre-history better remembered them.

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