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The Dune Encyclopedia
This article or section refers to elements that appear exclusively in The Dune Encyclopedia.

The First Golden Age (5022 BG-3678 BG) was a glorious part of human history that started when Ladislaus the Great united humanity in the Empire of Ten Thousand Worlds.

During that period, in 3832 BG Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman returned to Liesco II and published his Planar Effect theory. Thanks to the Warden of Maktiun III, Staivan learned of the Effect and constructed the first Defensive Shield.

During a century the Defensive Shield attained the peak of its popularity.

The Golden Age ended with the Silicon Plague which devastated computer technology and brought the Little Dark Ages.


Preceded by
Wars of Reunification
Events and Periods of History
5022 BG - 3678 BG
Succeeded by
Little Dark Ages
Preceded by
Great Dark Ages
Events and Periods of History
7562 BG - 3678 BG
Succeeded by
Little Dark Ages

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