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Essas Paymon was a small, dark man who was in the employ of House Nebiro during the time of Alia's regency of the Atreides Empire.

Alia's agents had come to know that Paymon was actually a spy for CHOAM, sent to Arrakis to assess the yearly spice crop.

When brought before Alia, she was about to send him to the dungeons when he protested loudly "the injustice of the Atreides." Upon hearing this, Alia came to regard Paymon as bold and therefore potentially useful. She hired him on retainer. However, shortly after leaving the Judgement Hall, Javid reported to Alia that Paymon was heard uttering a phrase from the Orange Catholic Bible: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Upon hearing this, Alia flew into a rage and ordered Paymon's immediate execution, his water to be reclaimed by the Fremen deathstill.

Paymon's death haunted Alia for a while thereafter.

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