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Enno (d. 10196 AG) was a Fremen soldier of Muad'dib's Jihad who volunteered to be a part of Paul Muad'Dib's Army immediately after ascended the Golden Lion Throne.

As a Fremen SoldierEdit

Enno was trained by Gurney Halleck on Arrakis to learn to swim as the old musician warrior knew that the Jihad would take the soldiers to water-oriented worlds. Halleck placed a Corrino solari at the bottom of a giant water tank, and declared that whomever retrieved the coin would win a prize. Enno strived to be the most faithful of Paul Atreides' soldier fanatics, and brought up the metallic object from the water, though he was deathly afraid of the liquid. Unfamiliar with swimming, he almost drowned in the process, and had to be revived by medics.

Later, as Gurney led the Fremen against the forces of Lord Colus on the planet Galicia, Enno encouraged the Fremen to not only attack whatever soldiers Colus could muster, but to also cause extensive civilian damage. Enno and the Jihadists burned down villages, with families inside, as he believed it to be the will of the Emperor. Even after Colus surrendered to Halleck, and Gurney agreed to spare his life, Enno secretly beheaded the man, and placed his head on a spike. Much to the dismay of the Fremen troops that Halleck led, Gurney called for Enno to be brought forth, and personally slit his throat; and placed Enno's head on the spike outside Colus' former villa.

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