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Elrood IX (d. 10156 AG) was the son of Fredhrick XIX and brother of Emperor Corrin XXV and of Cirni Fenring.

When his brother died, he succeeded him. Elrood negotiated with the Bene Gesserit (who offered impressive inducements) of accepting arranged marriages to Bene Gesserit of Hidden Rank.

He also rewarded Pardot Kynes by assigning him as Imperial Planetologist to Arrakis. He was the father of Prince Shaddam with Fasrille.

Elrood was intrigued by Anuril Corrino's, (his son's concubine) Gamont background and apparently insisted on tests and refresher lessons. However her friendship with Shaddam grew, so did her hatred for Elrood. In 10155 AG, Shaddam took Anuril as his wife, primarily to protect her from his father's growing obsession.

Around that time, the Heir Apparent, Prince Shaddam' household spies ferreted out a plot of an assassination attempt against the Prince. In the glare of publicity, Elrood exercised the only option available to him: the torture, confession, and execution of one of the more peripheral family members blamed for the plot.

The revealed plot led to the widespread adoption of the hunter-seeker. There was also a theory that responsible for the assassination was Elrood himself (which resulted in his own chaumurky soon later). Seven Imperial servants were executed as a result of the death.

Original Dune
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The frequently discredited Pirate History of Corrino related the curious story that Hasimir Fenring was responsible for his death.

He was succeeded by his son as Shaddam IV.


  • Almanak en-Ashraf
Preceded by
Corrin XXV
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
10122 AG - 10156 AG
Succeeded by
Shaddam IV

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