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Elliott Corrino was born 10020 AG into House Corrino as the son of Elrood Corrino IX, to his first wife, Barbara Mutelli (who took on the Corrino name). His parents had married the previous year, so he was a legitimate male heir, unlike his bastard older sister Wensicia Mutelli who was born in 10018 AG, a year prior to their marriage.

Elliot was murdered by Elrood in 10021 AG. This made his mother go insane. Elrood repeatedly impregnated the captive Barbara and had her fertilized embryos removed and stored for later. One of these was implanted into his fourth wife Habla which became Shaddam, who would eventually have his other brother Fafnir and then Elrood himself murdered by his friend Hasimir Fenring. Wensicia and Elliott's younger brother (who lived to be much older than him), Shaddam, is Padishah Emperor by the time of the original Dune novel.

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